Not only will there be Grand Prize winners, smaller prize winners, and referral winners, but participating charities will also win an amount equal to 20% of the Grand Prize. Giving has never been so fun and rewarding!
ArabMillionaire selects charities after a rigorous due diligence process and specific project(s) within each selected charity are chosen and categorized within 9 categories.
How it Works
Every time you buy a ticket and enter the drawing for a chance to win, you can select the charity categories you would like to support. The 20% of the Grand Prize won by the charities is distributed among the charities based on all users’ selections, as well as on the budget of the projects supported.
Check out the charity categories, participating charities, and projects we are supporting below. You can also register your charity and view monthly reports.
Register Your Charity
Children's Health & Development
Women's Healthand Development
Community Development
Refugee/Disaster Relief Services
Art, Culture, and Science
Medical Care and Research
Youth Sportsand Recreation
Environment & Animal Care