About Us

What is ArabMillionaire?
ArabMillionaire is a platform that gives the Arab Community the chance to win cash prizes for supporting charitable causes. ArabMillionaire is gamifying the act of donating by rewarding those who help others. Daily and Weekly prizes are given out.
What are your privacy policies?
We value players’ privacy and security above all else. We will not share your private information to anyone! For more information about Privacy Policy please read our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.
Is there a mobile app I can download?
Our mobile app is coming soon, stay tuned! For now, go to our web application https://app.arabmillionaire.com/ to participate. On your mobile device click the“Add to Home Screen” button to add Arab Millionaire app icon on your phone.

If you are currently using any native mobile app to play Arab Millionaire, this may be run by external parties and are used at your own risk.

How do I register?
You can register via email or login via Facebook! The registration page can be found here: https://app.arabmillionaire.com/register

After registering, you must verify your email address by clicking “Verify” in the email you receive.


What is My Wallet?

Your Arab Millionaire Wallet is where you keep your funds, which are either money you have deposited in order to buy tickets, or the money you have won in any one of our competitions. The number that appears beside your wallet icon is the amount of money you currently have.

How can I deposit funds into My Wallet?

Click on My Wallet and select Deposit Money. There are a variety of payment methods you can choose from, including Credit Card, Debit Card, CashU, Mobile Pay. You may also buy through 3rd party distributors, we will be providing a map of locations shortly.

How do I withdraw my funds?

We carry out a direct deposit into your bank account. All transactions are secure, and usually carry out within 7-10 business days.

Can I set a deposit limit?

To set a limit on your deposit amounts, go to Settings and select Deposit Limit. You can choose daily, weekly, or monthly limits. Reducing your limits will take effect immediately. Increasing your limits has a cooldown period of one day or 7 days.


What does each ArabMillionaire Ticket consist of?
Each ticket consists of 10 Lives for the Daily Quiz Competition and a free entry for our Weekly Grand Prize Drawing. With each ticket purchased, you will be assigned 6 numbers ranging from 1 to 49. The 6 numbers are randomly selected by the system; You can change the 6 numbers manually by clicking on the set of 6 numbers. You can delete and set of 6 numbers or save the set as one of your favorites.
How do I get tickets?
You can either purchase a ticket with 1 Euro, plus applicable transaction fees,In order to be able to purchase tickets, you must first deposit funds into your Wallet.
Can I buy more than one ticket weekly?
Yes, you can purchase as many tickets as you wish for any weekly drawing. The more tickets you buy, the higher your chances of winning. For the safety of our customers, we have daily, weekly and monthly deposit limits, but no limits on ticket purchase, as long as you have the funds in your AM Wallet.
Are my tickets still valid for the following weekly Grand Prize drawing?
No, each ticket is valid for one drawing, and expires as soon as the Live drawing for that week ends. You need to purchase new tickets to enter next week’s drawing. However, you can still choose the same numbers you chose in your previous week’s ticket. You should save your Favorite Numbers by clicking the star in the Ticket Purchase screen on the App. For your convenience, we will be providing repeat purchase option shortly.
Can other players have the same set of 6 numbers as my ticket?
It is very unlikely, however, it is possible that more than one player will choose or get randomly assigned the same set of 6 numbers as yours. If this happens, for the 2nd, 3rd and 4th prize, it makes no difference, the winnings will be the same. However, if more than one user matches all 6 numbers, then the Grand Prize will be shared.
Can I participate with the same ticket numbers in next week’s drawing?
Yes, you can purchase the same set of 6 numbers for every week. Most users do this since they don’t want their numbers to hit and they miss the opportunity to become the next ArabMillionaire. Please save your favorite 6-number sets by clicking the star in the Ticket Purchase Screen and use Load Favorites every time you need to use them again.
Is there a deadline for tickets purchase?
You can buy your ticket/s anytime. However, if you want to enter this week’s drawing, you need to complete the purchase before the last hour prior to the Tuesday Live Drawing.

Daily Quiz

Is Daily Quiz free?

The Daily Quiz is mostly free; you don’t have to pay to participate. You receive new Lives whenever you refer friends or by claiming the Free Lives in the App every 6 hours. You can also purchase Arab Millionaire tickets and receive 10 Lives for every ticket purchased.

How many times a day can I play Daily Quiz?
You can play until you run out of Lives. You get a number of Lives when you sign up, and you can get more by:

– Purchasing ArabMillionaire tickets, as you get 20 Lives for each ticket purchased.
– Claiming your 5 free Lives every 6 hours by logging into the app.

What happens to my daily Lives when I play?
Each time you play the Daily Quiz, your Lives credit will decrease by one, regardless if you answer the 3 questions correctly or not. The difference is that you will have to answer all questions correctly to enter the Daily Drawing. So make your Lives count!
How can I enter and win the Daily Quiz drawing?
The more times you correctly answer the set of 3 questions in a Daily Quiz game, the more times your name enters to the Daily Quiz drawing and hence the higher your chances of winning.

There is a daily drawing that reveals one winner every day. So each Daily Quiz game you complete successfully enters you into the next daily drawing. A name is randomly selected, and if your name is selected in the daily drawing then you become today’s winner!

DQ Prizes start at €20 and can grow over €3,000.

Where can I find the Daily Quiz winning results?

The “Winners” https://app.arabmillionaire.com/leaderboard/winners page displays results for all games.

Winners will get notified on their Arab Millionaire account, via email, and through their mobile devices.

When you win, you will be contacted via the registered email. Please do not provide any personal information on the phone or via social media or any other channel. The official communication will be via an official email from winners@arabmillionaire.com or @arabmillionaire.com email domain. We use the phone only to inform you and congratulate you, we do not request any private information other than to confirm it is you and that you are over 18. Anyone who asks you for sensitive financial information on the phone or via social media might be a scam, even if they claim they represent Arab Millionaire.

How many winners can there be for Daily Quiz?
DQ has only one winner daily. See results here https://app.arabmillionaire.com/leaderboard/winners

Winners & Prizes

What is the Grand Prize of ArabMillionaire?
The Grand Prize is guaranteed to start at €1 Million (80% to winner, 20% to charity), and increases as more players buy tickets. The Grand Prize continues to increase until someone wins it. To win the Grand Prize, you need to match all 6 out of 6 numbers of one of your tickets with the Winning 6 Numbers which are selected randomly during the Live Drawing..
What are the different prizes?
To There are 3 types of prizes:

1- Cash Prizes by matching your ticket numbers with the drawn 6 numbers:
– Grand Prize which starts at €1 Million (EURO) for 6 out of 6 numbers matching tickets.
– 2nd prize fixed at €3,000 (Euros) for each ticket that matches 5 out of 6 numbers.
– 3rd prize fixed at €40 (Euros) for each ticket that matches 4 out of 6 numbers.
– 4th prize fixed at €2 (Euros) for each ticket that matches 3 out of 6 numbers.

2- Prizes for charities, valued at 20% of the Grand Prize.

How is the Grand Prize Winner Selected?
Every Wednesday, there will be a televised Weekly Drawing which is aired Live, in which 6 Winning Numbers will be randomly selected by a secure automated machine licensed and monitored by the European Union. The Grand Prize winner is any participant who purchased a ticket that matches 6 out the 6 of the Winning Numbers. Matching 3 of 6, 4 of 6, or 5 of 6 will also result in smaller cash prizes.


If the weekly drawing reveals winning numbers that match more than one players’ tickets, the Grand Prize will be equally split between these players. In the event that no one matches all 6 Winning Numbers, then the Grand Prize for this week will be added to the following week drawing. Grand Prize will keep growing until someone wins it.

Where can I see the results of the weekly drawing?

There are many ways to view the results:

-The Drawing will be live streamed every Tuesday at 6:45pm KSA on our Social Media pages & website.
– Drawing videos can always be viewed on our website, here.
– Drawing videos can always be seen on our YouTube channel.

Note: Winners will be notified.

How many winners will there be weekly?
The number of winners every week depends on the number of tickets sold which fully, or partially, matched the drawn Winning Numbers. The automated machine randomly selects the 6 Winning Numbers:

-Tickets with 6 out of 6 numbers matching the Winning Numbers will win the Grand Prize. In the unlikely event that more than one ticket match all 6 numbers, then the Grand Prize will be split equally between all winners.
-Tickets with 5 out of 6 numbers matching the Winning Numbers will win €3,000 Euros each.
-Tickets with 4 out of 6 numbers matching the Winning Numbers will win €40 Euros each.
-Tickets with 3 out of 6 numbers matching the Winning Numbers will win €2 Euros each.

Regardless of the number of weekly cash prize winners, our biggest winner which is Charities are always winning since 20% of the Grand Prize is allocated to the charity fund.

Grand Prize wont be won every week. If the weekly Live drawing reveals Winning Numbers that are not a complete match with any of the purchased tickets, there will be no ArabMillionaire winner announced for that week. However, the prize will eventually be given out, and in fact the prize will keep accumulating and increasing with every 1 Euro ticket purchase, continuously growing in value until a winner is announced, at which point the Grand Prize pool will reset to the minimum guaranteed Prize of €1 million Euros.

What is the difference between Referral & Promo codes?
A referral code is the code you get as a registered participant, which you can send to friends to sign up.

A promo code is a promotional code which is given out periodically by ArabMillionaire and can be used by you to receive free Lives or free drawing entries

Where does the Grand Prize money come from?
The Grand Prize money comes directly from the accumulation of ticket sales money, meaning, with each ticket purchased at a price of 1 Euro, a percent goes directly to the Grand Prize money, increasing the value of the prize.
How frequent is the drawing?
The Arab Millionaire Grand Prize Drawing is weekly,  Live streamed on our social media accounts and website every Tuesday.
How and when can I claim my prize?
All prizes are immediately credited to the User’s ArabMillionaire Wallet. Users can withdraw their winnings, or part of their AM Wallet balance, at any time by requesting a bank or wallet transfer. Upon submitting a set of required documents including proof of identity, proof of address, and other items that will be requested by our finance team, the money will be transferred to the user financial institution.

Promotional Money can’t be withdrawn and withdraws must be over €50.


How are your charities selected?
A Charity Committee, chaired by Mr. George Kordahi approves new charities on monthly basis after our charity team collects documents and information and runs extensive due diligence. Representatives of charities can sign up to receive support from Arab Millionaire by filling in the charity-signup form here.
Can I add a charity I know?
If you are either an official representative or an employee of a charity or non-profit, you can register your organization here. If you are not affiliated with the organization, you cannot register it. Below are the Conditions and Requirements to Apply.
How is the Grand Prize money distributed to charities?
Twenty percent of the total Grand Prize pool is given directly to charity. This portion of the prize is distributed amongst the different charity organizations based on the charity category selections of all users. Each user decides where his/her donation will go when purchasing tickets.

My Account

How to reset my password?
To reset your account password, go to Settings, My Profile, and edit password. If you forgot your password, click on the “Forgot Password” option on the login page to receive a password reset link via email.
Can I change my name on my account?
You can change the name on your account after creating your account, however once you take part in the Grand Prize game you can no longer change your name. Make sure the name on your Arab Millionaire account matches the name on your ID in order to be able to withdraw cash prizes before you make your first deposit.
Can I change my email address?
You cannot change the email address used to register. However, if you believe you mistyped your email address during registration, please send a message to support@arabmillionaire.com to get this adjusted, or create a new account.
Why do you need my address?
In order to carry out financial transactions into your bank account, you must add a valid home address to your profile , which must be the same address tied to your bank account, as according to MGA License standards.
How can I opt out?
To deactivate your account for a day, a week, a month or permanently, go to Settings and select Opt Out and choose your opt-out period.