Game Rules

In order to play Arab Millionaire, you must abide by the rules outlined in the Terms and Conditions. Failure to abide by such rules can lead to the forfeiting of any funds deposited, or any money won. Such rules include but are not limited to the following:

Upon Registration

  • You must register and provide complete and accurate information
  • You must provide your full, official name (no nicknames) that matches your identification card and payment methods
  • You must choose a username and secure password
  • You must be at least 18 years of age
  • You can only have one account
  • You must verify your email by clicking a link that will be sent to the email account you provide
  • You must read and accept our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy.
  • You can only register and play from available countries. (See list of blocked countries below)
  • You must notify us if you are a Politically Exposed Person (PEP) or immediate family member of a PEP as defined in Section 4.7 of our Terms and Conditions

Upon Deposit of Funds

  • You can deposit funds into your user account by clicking the “Deposit Money” and “Confirm Deposit” on the “My Wallet” page
  • You may not deposit funds that originate from any illegal activity or source, or that are tainted or associated with any illegal or ill-gotten means.
  • You may not make a deposit using a credit card or other payment method that doesn’t belong to you, regardless of if you received permission to do so from another person .

Upon Withdrawal of Funds

  • You can withdraw funds from your account by clicking on “Withdraw Money” on the “My Wallet” page, and choosing the preferred method for receiving the funds.
  • The amount You wish to withdraw must be a minimum of €50.
  • The withdrawal amount must be less, or equal to, the amount available in your account.
  • You cannot withdraw funds prior to playing with at least 50% of the amount You deposited (excluding any winnings).
  • You can only withdraw funds to the same payment method from which the deposit came from and to an account that matches the name registered by You.
  • You cannot withdraw any funds until you have made at least 1 deposit using real money.
  • You cannot withdraw any promotional money. All winnings from the Wheel of Fortune are considered promotional money. However, any winnings resulting from playing Arab Millionaire with promotional or real money can be withdrawn.
  • Please note that the intermediary banks charge for wire transfers. We do not control or know how much they will charge, since it is an international wire transfer..

Providing Documents

  • If you are requested to provide documents to verify your identity, address, payment method, source of funds, and/or source of wealth, you must provide such valid documents within 30 days or your User Account will be restricted.

Blocked Countries

  •  As a result of restrictions related to our business license, we currently cannot operate in all countries. We are working on addressing this. The countries we cannot operate in at this time include: Estonia, Ethiopia, Iran,Netherlands, North Korea, Pakistan, Serbia, Sri Lanka, Syria, Trinidad and Tobago, UK, US and Yemen .

Grand Prize Winner

  • If there is more than one Grand Prize winner, the winners equally share the 80% of the Grand Prize allocated to the winners.
  • The Grand Prize winners will paid over a 2-year period in equal monthly payments.
  • Charities will receive 20% of the Grand Prize, no matter how many winners there are.
  • If you buy multiple tickets with the same number, you can win all prizes except the Grand Prize, multiple times per ticket. The Grand Prize can only be won from 1 ticket per person.
  • All prizes for the Arab Millionaire weekly drawing entries must be claimed within 6 months of the draw date. Smaller prizes that are automatically put in your wallet will be considered as claimed.

Purchases and Refunds

  • €1 gets you 10 Lives for the Daily Quiz and one Free drawing entry for the Grand Prize Drawing.
  • All sales are final as entries are applied instantly to a drawing. There are no refunds, cancellations, returns or changes after any purchase, without exception
  • When you have both promotional tokens and real money in your wallet, the promotional tokens will be used first, and the real money will be used once all the promotional tokens are used up.


  • You cannot be involved in any fraudulent, collusive, fixing or other unlawful activity in relation to your or any third party’s participation in any of the Games.
  • You cannot use any software assisted methods or techniques or hardware devices or robots during your participation in the Games.
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