Association Maram Solidarite

A non-profit organization registered in Tunisia, with the Mission of fighting against childhood cancer.

Project: Renovating the Pediatric Oncology Unit – Renovating the unit in the Tunis Children’s Hospital which will include: 1) 12 treatment rooms; 2) 3 doctors’ offices; 3) 2 treatment rooms; and 4) a game room.

Project: Unit for Parents of Cancer Patients – Assisting in the construction of a unit for the parents of the children being treated for cancer in Tunis, far from their homes. The unit will have: 1) 10 rooms equipped with bathrooms; 2) a kitchen; 3) a relaxation area; 4) a playground and recreation area for children; 5) a garden; 6) a mini school; 7 two rooms for staff; 8) two offices for the administration.


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