Oum El Nour 

 A non-profit organization registered in Lebanon and Liberia, with the Mission of serving individuals through helping them overcome their addiction, in order to attain a healthy society characterized by sustainable growth. In addition to rehabilitation, Oum El Nour is highly active in the prevention and integration folds.

Project: Women’s Treatment ProgramThe Center, located in Fatqa, is the only Rehabilitation Center in Lebanon dedicated to women. Based on the Therapeutic Community Model, the total duration of the program is 15 months, divided into 5 stages: Resident from 0 to 3rd month; Companion from 3rd to 6th month; Head of Unit from6th to 9th month; Supervisor from 9th to 12th month; and reintegration from 12th to 15th month.

The program aims to gather people around activities, group discussions and a shared daily life. The group activities help with managing emotions and learning responsibility. The residents also benefit from different vocational training that help them professionally. Some former residents of the Center have gone to open their own businesses after the completion of their rehabilitation.

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