A non-profit organization registered in Lebanon, with the Mission of taking all possible steps to implement a coherent and monitored service of assisting children with disabilities and to accompany their families as partners in facing life’s challenges.

Project: Purchase of Medical and Specialized Rehabilitative Equipment – The equipment will help to eliminate or decrease deficiencies caused by a child’s disability in order to prevent complications and deterioration of the child’s capabilities by: 1) physiotherapy, including motor and respiratory physical therapy; 2) occupational therapy, including developing self-sufficiency; 3) speech and language therapy, as well as intervention for feeding and swallowing problems; 4) psychomotor therapy, addressing mental, motor and behavioral issues; 5) psychological care; and 6) technical assistance.

Project: Purchase of Equipment Used to Teach Children with Disability – The equipment will help: 1) develop children autonomy via gaming; 2) encourage verbal and non-verbal communication; 3) improve motricity; 4) develop tactile sense through auditory visual stimulation; 4) strengthen language; 5) watch over the well-being of the child in class; 5) improve the learning environment; 6) strengthen and enrich the design and animation of educational activities; 7) better respond to the interest and needs of children; 8) promote learning through play; 9) involve the child in learning; 10) make the space more suitable and welcoming.

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